TCI – Social Studies

Student textbooks are available through the website. Please click here to visit the LearnTCI site.

In order to sign into the LearnTCI site, you will need:

  • the email address of your child’s teacher
  • your child’s Student ID number (lunch number)
    and their computer password

Pearson Ready Gen – Reading

Student resources are available through the Pearson Realize website. Please click here to visit the Pearson Realize site.

In order to sign into the site, you will need:

  • your child’s Student ID number (lunch number) and their computer password
  • ebooks
  • grades K-5
  • No username or password required
  • ebooks
  • grades K-8
  • user name: pasco1
  • password: flamingo
  • ebooks
  • grades K-8
  • user name: student lunch number
  • password: student password