Due to the current forecast for Tropical Storm Ian, the plan for Pasco County Schools is as follows: Schools and offices will be open on Monday. Schools and offices will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. This includes PLACE, ASEP, all after school programs, all athletic events and practices, and all extracurricular events. We will continue to provide updates on our website; via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and through School Messenger.

TCI – Social Studies

Student textbooks are available through the LearnTCI.com website. Please click here to visit the LearnTCI site.

In order to sign into the LearnTCI site, you will need:

  • the email address of your child’s teacher
  • your child’s Student ID number (lunch number)
    and their computer password

Pearson Ready Gen – Reading

Student resources are available through the Pearson Realize website. Please click here to visit the Pearson Realize site.

In order to sign into the site, you will need:

  • your child’s Student ID number (lunch number) and their computer password
  • ebooks
  • grades K-5
  • No username or password required
  • ebooks
  • grades K-8
  • user name: pasco1
  • password: flamingo
  • ebooks
  • grades K-8
  • user name: student lunch number
  • password: student password